How can I get a SASSA food parcel?

How can I get a SASSA food parcel

A critical element of economic hardship or crisis is the provision of basic necessities, such as food. Families and individuals eligible for assistance receive social assistance from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

A key component of SASSA’s support programs is the distribution of food parcels. We will discuss how to apply for a SASSA food parcel and what qualifications I need to meet throughout this article.

How can I get a SASSA food parcel?

Are you looking for information on how to apply for a Sassa food parcel online? Contact your nearest SASSA office for more information about SASSA food parcels. There is no online application form available at SASSA, but you can obtain it at your local SASSA office. 

Documents Required for SASSA Food Parcels

Visit the nearest South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office to apply for a SASSA food parcel. SASSA offices can provide you with the application form, but it is not available online. 

Here are the documents you will need to submit with your application:

  • A 13-digit barcoded identification document and your children’s birth certificates.
    • A police affidavit, statement from a chief, councillor or religious leader may suffice if you do not have an identity document or birth certificate.
  • Provide proof that you:
    • An application for a grant has been submitted
    • Experiencing an emergency (e.g. a house fire police report)
    • Maintenance has been attempted 
    • No other support is available 
    • Whether you’re married, divorced, or single 
    • have no income 
    • Medically disabled for a short period of time


SASSA’s food parcel program ensures that families and individuals facing poverty have access to nutrition. For individuals to obtain the support they need during challenging times, they should understand SASSA’s eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits. There are a number of options available to you if you need assistance from SASSA.

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