How to Cancel SASSA Grant Online

How to Cancel SASSA Grant Online

In case your circumstances change, you can cancel your SASSA Grant or empower others who need it more than you by cancelling your SASSA Grant. Furthermore, the SASSA beneficiary’s eligibility for government jobs may be affected by government penalties and constraints if this step is not followed. A consent form needs to be completed and submitted online for this process.

SASSA will stop your monthly payments once it approves your R350 grant cancellation request. Our instructions will guide you through the process of canceling your SASSA Grant, ensuring that funds can be reallocated to those who still need financial support.

Cancel SASSA Grant

In order to qualify for SASSA benefits, recipients must adhere to strict requirements, as the agency is government-run. It is compulsory for students not to apply for government jobs (public servant jobs) or receive government benefits from programs such as UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) and NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) and to not receive any government subsidies. This online method can be used to cancel SASSA Grant R350 quickly if you’ve found a job and are being rejected for employment, and want to end SASSA Grant R350. The following steps will guide you through canceling your SASSA grant online.

  1. SASSA Grants can be canceled at the SASSA Cancellation Portal located at
  2. You can cancel your application by scrolling down the page and clicking the Cancel My Application tab.
  3. Click Here to Cancel Online by clicking the yellow button.
  4. Your details will be requested in a new window.
  5. To receive a SASSA Grant, you will need to enter your SASSA Grant ID number and cell phone number.
  6. To receive the SASSA OTP Code, click the Send PIN button.
  7. Verify that you are the original applicant by providing the OTP Code.
  8. Confirm your decision to cancel your grant application by clicking on the “Cancel My Grant” button.
  9. If you decide to cancel your Grant, click “Yes” to confirm your decision.
  10. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your cell phone number saying ‘Your request to cancel SASSA Grant has been sent.’

How Much Time It Take to Cancel SASSA Grant

In most cases, you will receive a response within 7 days of submitting an online appeal for the cancellation of your SASSA Grant. The SASSA R350 Grant and SASSA Social Grant will cease to be available to you during this timeframe, as per your application request. By using the SASSA Status Checker, you can confirm that your SASSA Grant has been canceled and you are no longer a recipient and eligible for government employment.

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