How to SASSA Appeal Online for SRD R350 Grant Declined

SASSA Appeal Online

Whether you’re applying for a SASSA social grant or a R350 SRD grant, you should understand why the application was rejected and appeal the decision if you’ve been denied.

Using this step-by-step guide, you can appeal your SASSA application online, increasing your chances of receiving financial relief if your application is reconsidered.

The first step is to check the SASSA status check to see how your grant is progressing. If you are applying for a grant or applying for a loan, this will provide you with the current information about your application.

SASSA Appeal Online

  1. Please visit the SASSA site:
  2. During the application process, you were required to enter your ID number and phone number.
  3. To request a PIN, click “Send Pin”.
  4. You will receive a PIN via email. Enter it in the field provided.
  5. You can appeal for a particular month.
  6. Make sure you choose the right reason for your appeal.
  7. Your appeal has been submitted.
  8. As soon as the appeal process is completed, wait for the results.

Timely Action and Waiting Period

Follow these guidelines to make sure your appeal is taken into consideration:

  1. After receiving a denial, you have 30 days to appeal.
  2. Depending on your appeal, it could take up to 90 days for a decision to be made.
  3. Payment has been made to many applicants whose appeals were approved.

Applying for Monthly Reconsideration

You must apply for reconsideration each month if your application is declined for more than one month. When reconsideration applications are declined, SASSA encourages applicants to continue to submit them for the following month.

Delays in Reconsideration Requests

In a notice to applicants, SASSA has advised that the process of reconsidering requests may take longer than expected. In spite of this, applicants are assured that they are actively working on resolving these delays and will respond to appeals within a reasonable period of time.

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