How To Change Number On SASSA Application?

SASSA Change Phone Number

In the busy world we live in, things are always changing, including your contact information for SASSA SRD. Whether you’re getting a new phone or changing your phone number, it’s important to know how to update your SASSA SRD contact details online. It’s an easy process that only takes a minute, as long as you have the ID number you used when applying for the SASSA SRD grant. If you’re a SASSA SRD grant holder and can’t use your old phone number anymore, this guide will show you how to update your contact information smoothly.

Sassa Change Phone Number Online

Updating your contact information for the SRD grant on the SASSA website is easy. It helps you get important messages about your grant. Just follow these steps to change your phone number safely and quickly. Here’s a simple guide to help you do it on the SASSA website.

Go to the SASSA Website:

Start by going online and visiting the official SASSA website using the link provided. This is where you can manage your SRD grant.

Enter Your Information:

Put in your South African ID number and the phone number you first used when applying for the grant. This helps SASSA identify you correctly.

Click Submit:

Once you’ve filled in your details, click on the button that says “Submit”. This tells SASSA you’re done entering your information and ready to move forward.

Explain Why You’re Changing:

You might be asked to say why you want to change your contact details. Just give a brief reason, so SASSA understands what’s happening.

Put in Your New Phone Number:

Now, type in the new cellphone number you want to use. Double-check it to make sure it’s correct.

Verify with OTP:

SASSA will send a special code to your new phone number. When you get it, type the code into the website to prove it’s really you making the change. This keeps your information safe and secure.

SASSA Change Phone Number


Requirements To Change Your Number

Making changes to your SASSA 350 number needs a few important things to happen smoothly. It’s important to know what you need to do, whether you’re updating your details or getting a new number. Let’s talk about the important things you need to do to change your SASSA 350 number properly.

  • SASSA Application Phone Number.
  • Application ID

How To Change Srd Phone Number Without Application ID?

To see if you’ll get money from the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant in South Africa and to change any of your details, you just need to do a few easy things. First, go to the SRD Grant Status Check Page. Then, put in your personal details. This will quickly tell you if your grant application is approved or not.

Visit the official website

Go to the webpage where you can check the status of your grant application. This is where you can see if your application has been approved or not.

Enter Required Details:

Put in information about yourself. This usually includes your application phone number and your South African ID number. This helps the system confirm who you are.

Retrieve Your ID:

Application ID is also written on the status. This number is called your Application ID. You need to keep this number safe because you’ll use it later.

Update your Phone Number:

If you need to change the cellphone number linked to your application, you can do that now. You’ll follow the steps provided on the website to update your phone number.

How to Change SASSA R350 Cell Phone Number?

SASSA applicants can change their SASSA R350 phone number online through the official online web Portal.

How to Change Phone Number on SASSA Application?

If your mobile is stolen or lost then you can change their number on the SASSA application but people who do not know about its process can read above.

SRD SASSA How to Change Phone Number?

Just open the official portal and log in to their account. Further, update their contact details and submit.

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