The Old Age Pension Grant Payment Date for September 2023 has been changed

The Old Age Pension Grant Payment Date for September 2023 has been changed

A significant portion of the elderly population in South Africa earns income from the Old Age Grant. Financial assistance is provided to help cover basic necessities for people who are unable to work due to physical or mental impairments.

The SASSA Old Age Grant will be paid in September 2023, as we will discuss in this blog post.

September 2023 Old Age Pension Grant Payment Date Changes

05 September 2023 is the payment date for the SASSA Old Age Grant. For grant recipients to avoid delays in payments, we recommend updating their banking information. Since the grant money will always be available, it is not necessary to hurry to collect it on the stipulated date.

Dates of payment for recipients of other grants, such as Child Support Grants and Disability Grants, in September 2023

  • Older Persons Grants: 05 September 2023

Additionally, grant recipients shouldn’t rush to collect the money by the deadline since it will always be available.

In September 20, 2023, SASSA will distribute Old Age Grants. The following information is important for you to know. It is recommended that recipients keep their banking information up-to-date to avoid any delays in their payments.

It is not necessary for you to collect your grant money immediately. You will always have access to it when you need it.

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