Which Four Out of 212 SASSA Offices Answer Phone Calls?

Which Four Out of 212 SASSA Offices Answer Phone Calls

Are you unable to reach the SASSA office? In this document, you will find all SASSA office numbers and addresses. Most likely, SASSA offices are not responding to your calls in your country. There are 212 SASSA offices in South Africa, and four of them answer phone calls.

As one of the key roles of the Social Security Agency of South Africa, it provides financial assistance to its citizens. SASSA is responsible for managing grants for students, the unemployed, orphans, and other groups. Since SASSA’s grant programs are so successful, its offices are usually crowded, and only four of its 212 employees can take your call. SASSA offices will be explained in more detail in this guide.

Which Four Out of 212 SASSA Offices Answer The Phone?

In addition to providing financial aid to people, SASSA supports them in achieving their life goals. You may be turned down if you apply even though the program helps many low-income families. Getting in touch with them would be a good idea. Despite the fact that you can contact the company via their website, many people prefer to speak to a representative by phone. According to most people, SASSA offices seldom answer phone calls. Sure, that’s true.

A recent SASSA study shows that only four out of five calls are answered for customer service. A number of factors are considered in this study. A review of SASSA’s online directory reveals that most of the offices do not have phone numbers listed. Many people cannot find their phone numbers on the site because there aren’t many numbers. Aside from that, we did not record the telephone numbers of the local offices. Neither SASSA nor its contractors updated the website. It was because of this that the contact information for the Limpopo and Western Cape offices was outdated.

According to the research, 39.1% of SASSA offices do not have telephone numbers. Around 85 local offices did not have contact information on Google and the yellow pages. One office in the Western Cape connects customers with beneficiaries online, but the other offices do not. You can only get online assistance from a SASSA office.

In accordance with the research, SASSA does not answer the hotline created during COVID. As soon as a call is placed to the COVID-19 hotline, a re-recorded message about COVID-19 begins playing. When you press a button, a customer service call ends immediately. Because of this, SASSA’s COVID-19 hotline is not answering phone calls, which is disappointing since this program received significant government funding.

In its role as a government department, SASSA is primarily responsible for ensuring the welfare of South Africans. Although it has the capability of facilitating people in various ways, adverse performance effects have been experienced. A large number of people are complaining about its customer service and beneficiary problems. People’s applications are also held up for so long due to the validation process and insufficient funding.

People contacting the SASSA with grant applications problems apparently contact the SASSA for assistance. In the event that SASSA offices do not answer phone calls, how will customers be able to get assistance? Customers are at the center of SASSA’s management, which has been described as poor and not working according to its principle, “Customer-centric – prioritizing customer needs”.

The Minister of SASSA and SASSA representatives have benefited from this research in terms of SASSA’s management and customer service. If you call SASSA’s office and do not receive a response, it may be one of those offices that does not answer the phone. To file a complaint, you should use the website or send an email through the company’s email address.


Why is the SASSA office not answering my call?

SASSA is unlikely to respond to your call while customer service is unlikely to respond to your call. Despite SASSA’s success as a government agency, only four of its offices answer the phone.

How can I contact the SASSA office?

While SASSA has its contact details on its website, people prefer to call its office for customer service. Only a few of its local offices can be reached by telephone, according to its website. SASSA is not the only office that doesn’t answer the phone. There are 212 additional offices that do not respond to calls.

How many SASSA offices answer phone calls?

SASSA offices are a common sight in South Africa. These offices are primarily responsible for providing customer service and guiding grant applicants. One SASSA office from throughout the country offers online assistance in the Western Cape.

Does SASSA not provide customer service at its offices?

It’s important to note that SASSAs are customer-centric, which means that everything they do is aimed at meeting the needs of their customers. In spite of the fact that the company has offices to support customers, most of the offices do not answer the phone. This organization is primarily concerned with promoting the welfare of South Africans.

Does SASSA’s management seem to have been affected recently?

Numerous people have criticized SASSA’s services recently. Beneficiaries are often difficult to deal with, applications can be problematic, and some grants cannot be awarded. This research also indicates that SASSA’s poor management negatively impacts its customer service.


An overview of SASSA offices, how they perform, and what services they provide can be found here. As a financial institution that provides financial assistance to South Africans, SASSA plays a critical role in facilitating the lives of the country’s citizens. Applications, complaints, and inquiries are handled by a number of offices across the country.

A number of complaints have recently been made about SASSA’s customer service, which has affected the organization’s services. A telephone helpline and an online support service are offered by SASSA.

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