How Do I Apply for a SASSA Grant – Online or In-person

How Do I Apply for a SASSA Grant – Online or In-person

Apply For Sassa Grant: The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers social grants to most South Africans. Planning ahead and applying correctly are necessary to take advantage of social grants. Please provide the following information when applying online for Sassa.

As the South African government’s social security agency, SASSA manages the nation’s social security system. The Department of Social Development (DSD) distributes social grants through this national agency. A means-tested grant is usually used to pay monthly cash grants.

Grant applications can be submitted at SASSA offices or online via SASSA’s services website. Information about both application methods is provided in the following paragraphs.

Online Application For Sassa 2024

SASSA has offices all over the country where grant applications can be submitted. You can also apply online. Mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers with an internet connection are the easiest way to apply for a grant. The SASSA grants application can be submitted online by reading this article!


There are SASSA offices near you where you can apply in person. Those too sick, old, or disabled to apply themselves can have their procurator (family or friend) do it for them. Your authorization letter must be brought with you.

The application form must be completed with the assistance of a SASSA officer. You can ask the SASSA officer for assistance if you have trouble completing the application form.

Once you have completed the application form, the SASSA official who assisted you will be listed on your receipt. Proof of your application will be provided by your receipt. It is possible to download free applications.


Several grant programs are available to SASSA members, including those for care dependents, child support, foster children, disabled seniors, and older people. Applicants can apply for these grants either in person at SASSA offices or online through the SASSA website (read more for details). Here is the application page for the SRD Grant.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before applying:

  • An email notification will be sent to you once SASSA verifies your account using your cell phone.
  • It is possible to ask someone you trust to apply for you if you are unable to do so (for example, if you are ill, old, or illiterate). This function is performed by a Procurator.
  • SASSA Services accounts can be managed by Procurators who assist many people with SASSA grant applications under one SASSA Services account.


Online SASSA grant applications can be submitted by following these steps: 1) Log into the SASSA website with any Internet-connected device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer).

You can become a SASSA member by signing up at the SASSA service website by clicking on the yellow “Register” button. Following are the personal information you will be required to provide:

  • No matter who you are or where you live, we welcome you
  • Your ID number
  • Type of ID document (ID document/temporary ID)
  • Verify your ID number
  • Name (Mr./Mrs./Miss)
  • Your surname
  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • I would appreciate it if you would choose a password that contains an uppercase, lowercase, number, symbol, or some other special character (not a word or name you know)
  • Passwords should be chosen and confirmed
  • 0 is the first digit of your South African mobile phone number

1) You will receive your One-Time-Pin by SMS after you purchase your One-Time-Pin. You will be able to confirm your registration once you enter your OTP.

2) Enter your SASSA username and password to access SASSA services.

3) Choose “Apply for a Grant” under “Type of Grant”.

4) Ensure that the grant application form contains all of the necessary information.

5) Have an oath commissioner sign and certify the SASSA-generated affidavit. The affidavit and bank payment form must be printed, signed, and submitted.

6) Here are the PDF files you should include as support documentation:

Child Support Grant applicants:

  • Identification of the applicant
  • Documents proving the spouse’s identity, if applicable
  • A marriage certificate (if applicable) is required as proof of marriage
  • Proof of banking information comes from the bank’s letter containing the applicant’s name and banking details
  • Proof of income (if applicable)
  • SASSA-generated affidavit

Foster Child Grant applicants:

  • Identification must be provided by applicants
  • If applicable, please attach your spouse’s ID as well.
  • A marriage certificate (if applicable) is required as proof of marriage
  • Please include the applicant’s name and bank details in the letter from the bank
  • Income proof (if applicable)
  • Affidavit generated by SASSA

Older Persons Grant applicants:

  • Applicants must provide a copy of their identification
  • Identification documents for the spouse, if applicable
  • Marriage certificates (if applicable) are required as proof of marriage
  • A letter from the applicant’s bank stating their bank account details and names is required
  • Income documentation (if applicable)
  • Affidavit generated by SASSA


Your grant application may take up to three months to be processed by SASSA. The payment will be credited to your account on the date your grant application was approved.


Should SASSA not approve your grant application, you will be notified in writing.

Upon receiving notification that your application has been rejected, you have 90 days to appeal. The Department of Social Development’s national office must receive appeals from the Minister of Social Development.

Understanding the Types of SASSA Grants

There are several types of SASSA grants. In order to apply, you should decide which program is most appropriate for you. It is possible to apply for several types of grants through SASSA’s grant program:

1. Older Persons’ Grant

Ages 60 and older are required to attend.

2. Disability Grant

Applicants with disabilities who cannot work are eligible for grants.

3. Child Support Grant

Grants are available for children who have a primary caregiver under the age of 18.

4. Foster Child Grant

Foster parents who care for foster children are eligible for this grant.

5. Care Dependency Grant

Caregivers of disabled people are eligible to apply for this grant.

    Social Relief of Distress Grants are available to people in financial distress (Covid-19).
    The War Veterans Grant is available to members of the South African military who served during World War II or Korea.

Social grant recipients who are incapable of caring for themselves may be employed as full-time caregivers.

Through SRD Grants, people in special circumstances receive food parcels, vouchers, or cash as immediate temporary assistance. As part of the Covid-19 SRD Grant program, those suffering hardships as a result of the pandemic were provided with assistance in 2020.

 Until March 2024, SRD grants will be extended by the Minister of Finance in an announcement made in October 2022.

Are you applying for a Sassa grant?

It’s possible that you would like to apply for an older age grant, but you don’t know how to go about it. Contact your local Sassa branch office for more information about this program. Forms and documents are available at these locations for people on fixed incomes or in difficult circumstances.

Your life can be simplified with grants, but winning one isn’t always easy. Before you can receive a grant, you must complete several steps. Even if you think you qualify, you must still complete these steps.

A government agency or organization must approve your application first. In addition to the records you submitted in your application, your personal statement must be submitted as well. Your application will be approved or denied after it is reviewed by an officer.


What is the SASSA R350 grant?

SASSA R350 grants were introduced by the South African government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can I apply for the SASSA R350 grant online?

A R350 grant application can be found on the SASSA website.

What are the requirements for the SASSA R350 grant?

SASSA grants of R350 are available to South African citizens, permanent residents, and refugees with valid permits. As an unemployed person, you are ineligible for any other kind of income or social assistance.

What documents do I need to apply for the SASSA R350 grant online?

SASSA R350 grant applications require applicants to submit their bank statements and personal information.

How long does SASSA take to process my R350 grant application?

There can be a delay of several weeks in processing SASSA R350 grant applications. An SMS and email notification will be sent to you once your application is approved.

How long will I receive the SASSA R350 grant?

The R350 grant will be paid by SASSA on a monthly basis for three months.

Can I apply for the SASSA R350 grant if I already receive another social grant?

If you receive another government grant or income support, you cannot apply for the SASSA R350 grant.

What if I don’t have access to the internet to apply online for the SASSA R350 grant?

SASSA R350 grants can also be applied for at SASSA offices or at the post office if you do not have internet access.


COVID-19 pandemic-affected unemployed individuals can apply for SASSA R350 grants. SASSA R350 applications can be submitted rapidly and easily through their website. It takes only a few weeks to submit SASSA R350 applications online if you follow the instructions above.

Since the R350 grant is only available for a short time, applicants who meet the eligibility requirements should apply as soon as possible.

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