SASSA old age pension payout dates 2024

SASSA old age pension payout dates 2023

SASSA provides financial assistance to older South Africans in terms of social security and pensions. Pensioners and their families need to know Sassa old age pension payout dates for 2024.

Sassa Old Age Pension Payout Dates for 2024 are listed here, as well as eligibility criteria and frequently asked questions.

What is the Sassa Old Age Pension?

Sassa Old Age Pension offers social grants to pensioners who have reached retirement age. During their retirement years, seniors will have dignity thanks to this pension.

Sassa old age pension payout dates

Age pension grants will be paid in April 2024 for Older Persons Grants (old age pension grants). If you have other grants linked to your account, you will receive them the same day as your grant payment.

There is no need to withdraw the money exactly on the day of payment – it will stay in your account until you need it. Saving time is possible when you leave your money in the bank for a couple days.

According to the current pension system, those under 75 receive R2 080, and those over 75 receive R2 100. The amount will be revised again in October 2024.

Old Age Grant Payment Dates

MonthPay Day Date
February 20242nd
March 20245th

Who qualifies for the SASSA old age pension?

Citizens and permanent residents of South Africa over 60 are eligible to receive old age pensions. Income and assets are also subject to certain requirements.

When are the SASSA old age pension payout dates?

SASSA also pays disability pensions in addition to old age pensions. You can find out the exact date of your payment by looking at the last digit of your ID number.

How to check your SASSA old age pension payout date

By calling 0800 60 10 11 or visiting your SASSA office, you can find out when SASSA will pay your old age pension.

What to do if you have not received your SASSA payment

In the unlikely event that your payment is not received by the expected payout date, SASSA should be contacted as soon as possible. If you would like to learn more about SASSA, you can contact their offices or call their toll-free number


Can I work and still receive the pension?

If you work while receiving the Old Age Pension, you will be able to receive it. If you earn more than certain limits, your pension may be affected.

What should I do if my payment is late?

In case of late payments, we’re here to help. You can resolve the issue by contacting Sassa or coming into your local office.

Is it possible to appeal if my application is denied?

In the event that your application is denied, you are entitled to appeal the decision. You will receive all necessary forms and information from Sassa as soon as you begin the appeals process.

Are there any additional benefits for pensioners?

Pensioners may receive more benefits than just their pension amounts. Subsidies for housing and public transportation may also be available to them. These benefits may be available to you depending on your circumstances.


In South Africa, elderly citizens need to be aware of Sassa Old Age Pension Payout Dates for 2024. In retirement, financial support allows retirees to live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Pensioners can glean a clear understanding of how the pension system works if they understand eligibility criteria, application processes, and payment schedules outlined above. Whenever you have a problem, Sassa can help.

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