SASSA Status Pending – Solved in 2024

SASSA Status Pending

Taylor’s SASSA R350 application has not yet been approved. His application status was determined by conducting a Sassa status check.

The status of his Sassa SRD was ‘reapplication pending’, and he had no idea what to do. Considering that his application wasn’t being processed yet, he wasn’t certain what else to do.

Sassa’s helpline was called by Taylor to find out more about the organization. The application would not be processed until Sassa received some additional documentation.

The documents he needs to submit can be faxed or emailed. The clarification of Taylor’s application had ended up being a relief.

The documents were emailed to him as soon as they were received. In the event that his application was approved, his grant money would be sent to him as soon as he received confirmation.

It might be helpful if you considered how Taylor or other people like you might respond to such a situation.

What Does “SASSA Status Pending” Mean?

SASSA Status Pending

How Does SASSA Pending Status Work? SASSA grants are determined by a verification process after your application is submitted. You will receive a status update regarding the progress of your application. SASSA status pending indicates that your application has not yet been approved or declined.

What Causes “SASSA Status Pending”?

There are a number of factors that can lead to SASSA statuses pending. Applications are most commonly rejected when they contain missing information. Errors can occur when documents are incomplete, signatures are missing, or other factors are at play. Your application may also be awaiting review if the status is pending. SASSA may ask the South African Revenue Service or the Department of Home Affairs to verify your information. Furthermore, your application may be pending due to many applications being submitted ahead of yours.

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SASSA Status Pending Transactions

SASSA Status Pending Transactions: South Africa received subsidies and grants in the form of support. South African Social Security Agency provides social security services to the needy.

In South Africa, university and college students attend a large number of classes each day, and these grants provide them with financial aid. It must be an interesting life to be in your 20s without any pending social security transactions.

What can I do if my SASSA status is pending?

SASSA Status Pending

The SRD grant is important to note since it is used to cover basic expenses for many people during tough times. A total of R350 is paid out by Sassa through SRD grants. In some cases, however, people are not able to receive their funds on time due to circumstances beyond their control.

These steps will help you check the status of your Sassa R350 grant.

For beneficiaries of Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grants, Assa has answered questions about ‘Reapplication Pending’ grants.

If the message ‘Reapplication Pending’ appears, we haven’t yet received your Sassa application. Sassa application fees are R350. Application forms are available on SRD Sassa’s website.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • To apply online, visit 
  • Please enter your mobile phone number
  • From the menu, choose “Send SMS.”. 
  • Enter the OTP Sassa you received on your phone number to find out your status
  • A number of steps must be completed during the application process 

In order to review your Sassa online application, Sassa must confirm your identity, residency, income, and social security benefits. The provision of declarations and consents is strongly recommended.

To avoid multiple submissions, Sassa also recommends submitting only one application at a time. A confirmation email will be sent to you from Sassa as soon as your application is submitted. Your application will be processed as soon as it has been received, so you will not need to constantly check its status.

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Does SASSA still have pending transactions after the payout?

A SASSA grant is awarded to a grant beneficiary on a different day each month. SASSA payment dates can be missed for several reasons. 

You can find a list of them below.

  • There is a possibility that SASSA did not process the payments if anyone did not receive the amounts. As soon as SASSA receives their payment, they will receive it.
  • SASSA transactions cannot be processed at post office branches. It has been reported that some post offices do not have the capability to process payments.
  • You may experience delays in your transactions if you receive a Social Grant. They claim that they are unable to control problems with their cash pay points.

How Long Does SASSA Take to Process an Application?

In terms of SASSA’s ability to process your application, there are several factors to consider. In some cases, it may take several months for the application to be processed. Processing time can be affected by many factors, including the complexity of the application.

What Happens If Your SASSA Application Is Declined?

A written decision will be sent to you if your application is declined by SASSA. A summary of the reasons for rejection and steps to appeal will be provided to you if you wish to do so. You can appeal the decision within 90 days if you disagree.

Can You Speed Up the SASSA Application Process?

There is no guarantee that SASSA applications will be processed more quickly. Following some steps will speed up the application process. You must fulfill all SASSA requests, ensure your documentation is accurate, and keep an eye on the status of your application all the time.

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How do I change SASSA’s payment method?

You can switch payment methods using the following methods.

Switch via the SASSA SRD website

  • The SASSA website makes it easy to get started.
  • What should I do if I want to change my banking details? Please click on the button to continue.
  • Your cell phone number should be provided along with your identification.
  • A link will be sent to your mobile device through SMS.
  • Click on the link to follow the instructions.

Switch via the Moya app

  • Downloading and registering with Moya will give you access to the service.
  • Take a look at Discovery’s website.
  • From the menu, you can access money and services.
  • The SASSA relief page allows you to update your banking information by scrolling down.
  • It is necessary to enter your ID number and phone number. The SASSA will send a link to you via SMS. Payment methods can be changed through the link.


How long does SASSA pending take?

There is no clear estimate of how long it will take to complete the pending process. There is a possibility that it will take hours, days, or even months to complete. Several factors may have caused your application to be held. Various government agencies will probably verify your application.

What does a pending application mean?

Several reasons may be responsible for the pending status of your application. During the verification process, you will be held if any errors are detected in your documents. SASSA may also experience a delay as a result of the late verification process. Check the site regularly to find out the status of your application.

Why is my June 2023 R350 still pending?

Typically, SASSA’s pending status indicates that SASSA has received your grant application, but there are still a few minor checks to be completed, such as the verification of your bank account details.

How long does SASSA take to approve SRD?

It’s easy to apply for the SRD R350, but it can take some time for it to be approved. As part of SASSA’s SRD program, SASSA provides basic necessities to unemployed individuals. If you are unemployed and not receiving financial assistance, you are eligible for the SRD program.

Why is SASSA delaying my payment?

There may have been misinformation in your SASSA application that caused your SASSA payment to be delayed. Additionally, you may be verifying your application information at this moment.

Why is SASSA pending taking so long?

Sassa states that if your application status reads “pending,” it mean your application hasn’t been approved yet. SRD must scan and verify your information in order to approve you as a grant beneficiary.

Is it possible to apply for SRD if I receive funds from other platforms?

The applicant cannot receive funding from any other platform in order to qualify for SRD funding. It will reject your application if you hold another financial aid source or are unemployed and accept another source of financial aid.


When a social grant application has a “SASSA status pending” status, it can be frustrating. Throughout this guide, you will find an answer to your question about what to do if your SASSA status check has not yet been approved.

There are a variety of reasons why your application process may be delayed. Once you submit your application, SASSA verifies it.

There may be a delay in the completion of the verification process. The overwhelming number of applications sometimes causes SASSA to hold your application.

Moreover, you may be unable to proceed with your application if you lack funding. In the event that you provide SASSA with inaccurate information, your application may be declined.

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